Rick Haymes - Acting...for real!
Feature Films
Days of Power, Jason Pagnoni, Role: TuckerMoment of Truth, Steven Canfield Crowley, LEAD: Andy Meyer
       Watch the full movie "Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story"
MOLD! , Neil Meschino, LEAD: Dr. Matthew Kane
Violent Justice, Jeff Profitt, Role: Lt. Sanders
Deep Undercover, Mark Johnson, Role: Mayor Terry White
House of ParanormalJeff Profitt, Role: Crazy Neighbor
The Payback, Stan Jacobs, Role: Detective Mosler
Popcorn Bag of Terror, Brian Doyle, Role: Bernard T. Ward
One Night At Dante's, Stan Jacobs, Role: Councilman Levin
MAGGOTS! , Neil Meschino, Role: Ranger Ed Wagner
Cafe Artist, Christopher Bell, Role: Chairman
Onion SyrupMichael Blevins, Role: Old Barry
Friends From the NeighborhoodJeff Profitt, Role: Capt. Michaels
Kansas City BeatBrian Wayne Hodges, Role: Frank
                                  https://vimeo.com/25499548  1:22:46
Shithead, Mike Morelli, Role: Fran
Cold Blue EternalIan J. Keeney, Role: Prisoner
The ConfabulatorsSean Dunn & Luke Jarvis, Role: Waldorf Cobb
                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IpfqgwdXrQ  1:03:46
Under Jakob’s LadderMann Munoz, Role: Thick Neck
Short Films - Partial
The Tony Effect, Rob Acocella, LEAD: Dr. N. Emma
Lost & Found, Rob Acocella, LEAD: Sam
The Alibi, Habeeb Lawal, Role: Judge
Silent Service, Iron Horse Cinema, Role: Chief of the Boat (COB)
Rupert, Grace Gifford, LEAD: Rupert
Oracle of Death, Mike Gilliss, LEAD: William
Young Goodman Brown, Diamonique Drummond, Role: Devil
A Red Fire, Khodayar Momeni, LEAD: Wes Stills
Gunner, Mark Rotondo & Mike McCurdy, Role: The Mick
Creation 101, Jacob Wetzel, LEAD: Professor D
The Tony Effect 2, Rob Acocella, Role: Dr. N. Emma
Mr. Comedy, Gabriel Rodriquez-Fuller, Role: Rudy
3:33, Andy Garrison, Role: Detective Bill Myers
My Land, Clara Leac, Role: Richard
Satisfaction Guaranteed, Alex Rybacki, Role: Harvey Elwood, CEO
                                   https://vimeo.com/69349968  00:49:00
The Crew, Kalif Fuller, Role: Pierce
The Send Off,  Brinton Groce & E.J. Tangonan, LEAD: Father
Winray Josh Nathan, LEAD: Winray
Otis T.J. McGowan, LEAD: Otis 
SubCon Felix Alexander Dausend, LEAD: Peter
A Valentine For Bernie Hemant Tavathia, LEAD: Bernie
Retired Joey Abisso, LEAD: Ronald
Clonobel J R Courbard & Merlin Decaillot, LEAD: Gordon
                     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhyNHjvRrZE - Part 1
Carry On Brian Duskey, Role: Jerry
John: The Musical Michael A. Giambra, Role: Hershel
Reverie Jigme T. Tenzing, Role: Male Ballroom Dancer
The Persistence of Recipe Heather Jack, Role: Old Man
ESHA Shashi Rajput, Role: Business Man
Comercial/Web & TV Series/Music Video
The Same Coin, Cris Thorne, Role: Client #1
Conde Nast Entertainment Video, Conde Nast, Role: Older Man
The Arc, Series Teaser, John Woods, Role: Father Carter
Choices 2, Miniseries Delia Ruffin, Role: Jonathan Matters
Disordered, Sawyer West, Role: Dr. Shupak
Diamantling Summer, The Wonder Years, Role: Grandfather
Tree of Knowledge, PSA Steven Canfield Crowley, Role: Narrator
Kansas City Royals Superfan VML Productions
The Grim Reaper Dir. Jason Damien, LEAD: Ben/Doctor
I Got Skoolze Dirs. Bart Capuano & Brian Sgambati, Role: Gary
The Flash: The Brave and the Bold Dir. Jason Damien, Role: Lex Luthor
Voice Over & Audio Book
Ferguson Grand Jury Nona Ferrar, VO Various Roles
A Conversation With Daniel Steven Canfield Crowley, VO: Daniel
Weather Advisory Jason Damien, Role: Alert Announcer
A New Slice of Ham Jared Holtz, LEAD: Wilbur
Truth Crushed to Earth Nona Farrar, Role: Maynard Stiles
Strength Yu-Ming Cheng, Role: Dr. Davis
Evie’s Big Break Todd Goings, Role: Narrator  
                                                      Actor Reel
Industrial films - Salesman; Doctor; Trainer; CEO/CFO; Spokesman
Radio announcer/voice talent - Neutral Accent
- Singer-Trumpet-Vocals-Guitar
- Former Professional Ballroom Dancer/Instructor
- Pharma Industry - Adult educator/trainer Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Teambuilding, Public Speaking
- B.S. Speech & Theater, Missouri State University
- Music Minor
- Actor Training Studio, Andy Garrison
- Born in Bartlesville, OK, grew up in Marshfield, Missouri
- US Navy – Service in Viet Nam
- Travel favorites - San Gimignano, Italy & Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
- Concerts - Fine Dining- Karaoke
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