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Current Projects
     Wow! It's almost halfway through 2017 already! Very busy year for everything and acting opportunities abound.  Director/Writer Rob Acocella tapped me to appear in two of his short films and a monologue from The Devils Advocate.  I played the lead in Lost & Found, about a man, Sam, who is grieving from the loss of his wife and finds solace and hope in an abandoned kitten.  The Tony Effect, is a short about an OCD encumbered man who, as Dr. N. Emma, I place in a mental institution when he becomes too much of a pain in the butt.
     Jeff Profitt's feature length film Violent Justice, a gritty crime drama, in which I play Lt. Sanders is available on Amazon.  Look for it along with House of Paranormal, where I play a very weird neighbor...even spooks me out.     
     Other projects are in still process, especially one called The Fix.  I am collaborating with award winning Director and Writer, Steven Canfield Crowley and I am very interested and excited to get this project up and moving.  Steve also wrote and directed Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story.

     Sadly, our hearts were broken last August when my son, Brent, died unexpectedly.  This video is a tribute to the life and times of Brent Haymes, Man Do Lier.  He was asked to create a title song for the international award winning independent film "The Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story"...he did.  The melody is haunting, the lyrics are soul wrenching, the emotions he provokes are real.  This, in my opinion is the best Brent offered to date...I know there would have been more, given the chance to live.  People say the song is poignant and performed by a passionate expressive talent.  But watch the movie and you will discover this music captures the essence of the story and speaks for Andy Meyers.  It is brilliant, I know, because Man Do Lier is my son.

Here's a quick update on outstanding projects.
     Feature film "Days of Power" directed by Jason Pagnoni, starring Eric and Eliza Roberts along with very talented and beautiful cast and professional crew, is now in limited theatrical release and should be available on Netflix and Amazon later in 2017.  Ms. Roberts was my scene partner and I was honored to meet and work with this talented and lovely woman.
     Feature films, MAGGOTS, directed by Neil Meschino, Shithead, directed by Mike Morelli and Cafe Artist, directed by Robbie Anderson are still in post and should be available later this year.

Wish me luck.

In the meantime, enjoy some pictorial highlights from my wonderful experiences as an actor.

Director Endorsements
"I met Rick a little over a year ago. And all I can say is amazing soul. I have watched him develop into his character Jonathan Matters and make him more human than I could have ever hoped for. As a director you should be so lucky to have Rick In your set. He's punctual, caring, learns his lines completely and truly puts his all into each and every scene he is a part of. He does his own stunts and never complains. Even after his back surgery he was falling down on concrete in a cold abandon warehouse! I couldn't even get my younger actors to fall as realistically as Rick pulled it off! My entire cast of 68 was taken by surprise with Rick and after you meet him, you will clearly understand why." Director Delia Ruffin Choices Season 1 & 2

"I watched the footage last night and you were nothing less than fantastic-I love when actors come in with the role locked down that way-made it so easy to jump in and shoot"  Brian Holcomb, Director Dead End of the Woods
"...the consensus is that you did such an awesome job and without your performance, we would never be able to make the story believable." Hemant Tavathia, Director A Valentine for Bernie.
"Working with you was a dream come true. It was the best film experience I ever had and your performance was out of this world. You truly are a talented person and the most gifted actor I have ever worked with. I will never forget this experience. But now the real journey begins..see you at the premier!" Steven Crowley, Director Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story

"It was amazing to me to see how quickly you caught on and improved while making Mold! You were definitely rough around the edges the first day or two on set and after that you were a fu*&king rock star! In Maggots you needed little to no direction whatsoever and made my my job very easy. And in spite of your recent back surgery you handled the extremely difficult physical aspects of your role like a pro athlete. Hail to the Rick!" Neil Meschino, Director MOLD! & MAGGOTS!

Regarding "Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story" DIY Festival in Hollywood had this comment. "...the bravura performance of lead actor Rick Haymes playing the mentally challenged man, keeps the audience wondering if this film is telling the truth or not.  Brilliant in its skewering of those filmmakers who will film anything if its might have an audience – as well as a tour de force by the lead actor."
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